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Back to Basics Online Course

Back to Basics Online Course

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Here at Éasca Péasca we want to get "Back to Basics" with a course that will give you everything you need to learn the Irish language. Our Back to Basics course is suitable for all levels whether you're a student, a teacher, a parent or a beginner. This course will allow you to learn Gaeilge independently and at your own pace. You will gain access to a vast array of resources covering conversation, grammar, tenses and phrases that are thought through videos, notes and quizzes by a qualified Irish teacher and examiner. Our goal at Éasca Péasca is to provide a quality, fun, entertaining and affordable learning experience that is suitable for everyone.


Primary and secondary school students will benefit from the back to basics course. They will develop a solid foundation and confidence in the language to progress in their exams and study.

Student Teachers

Qualifying to become a primary or secondary school teacher can be a very stressful journey. With entrance interviews, exams and assignments, there's a large emphasis on the Irish language, particularly at primary level where Irish is a cornerstone of the curriculum. Back to Basics will help you improve your conversational Irish, grammar, understand your tenses and how to structure sentences. You'll also have access to our top quality resources which will give you more time to do your assignments.


We realize that primary school and secondary school teachers have very hectic schedules and keeping up a high standard of Irish can be difficult. The Back to Basics course is your go to course to refresh and boost your Gaeilge, or better still, let us do the work for you by integrating our notes and videos into your own teaching material.


Struggling with your child's homework is something every parent can relate to. Our Back to Basics course will have you wanting to complete your child's homework for them. Learn Irish at your own pace from the comfort of your home and at a time that suits you. Enjoy the surprised look on your child's face when you tell them it's time for bed as Gaeilge.


Anyone anywhere that has an interest in learning the Irish language, this is the course for you. Back to Basics will give you the confidence to speak and read Irish. Reconnect with your Irish culture and heritage no matter where you are in the world. All students that complete our course will receive a certificate of completion to hang proudly on their wall or to add to the CV.

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