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Modh Coinníollach Online Course

Modh Coinníollach Online Course

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This course focuses on verbs in the Conditional Tense (Modh Coinníollach).  The course will teach the learner how and when to use the conditional tense correctly. It will give a concise explanation on one syllable verbs, two syllable verbs and also irregular verbs. 

At Éasca Péasca we want to provide a course that will give you everything you need to learn the Irish language. We offer a range of courses to help students on their language learning journey. This course will allow you to learn Gaeilge independently and at your own pace. You will gain access to a vast array of resources covering grammar, verbs and phrases that are thought through videos, notes and quizzes by a qualified Irish teacher and examiner. 

Our goal at Éasca Péasca is to provide a quality, fun, entertaining and affordable learning experience that is suitable for everyone.

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